My Story

On June 2008 I started experimenting with polymer clay and failing miserably.  Time and time again I tried but the pieces came out horribly. Thankfully, I always had the support of my boyfriend at the time (now Hubby/ best friend/ design consultant). He always kept telling me "it'll get better, just keep trying" - no matter how fugly the pieces turned out. I followed his advise and a few months later, I decided to create an etsy shop (with my dad's help) just to give it a shot, not expecting much. We named it "Colourful Blossom".

Six years, and over 600 custom orders later I am glad to have listened to my husband. 

This has turned into something more than just a hobby. It has turned into what makes me one of the happiest girls alive - I can create cute, unique, innovative, and most importantly colorful pieces that girls like and being myself while I do it and sell it. This is one of the things I enjoy most in life - 
designing and creating to make people happy through those creations. 

Like all branches of design, it all starts with an idea, which then becomes a sketch, and then - after many modifications and consultations - becomes the final sculpted piece. 

This process somehow makes me overjoyed and it is even more rewarding when someone gets to own and wear a piece of my mind and a piece of my heart within that creation.

I hope everybody enjoys them!