Playita Succulent Medium Medallion Necklace - {Playa Santa}


Playita Succulent Medium Medallion Necklace - {Playa Santa}

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Succulent Necklace
Tiny succulent hand sculpted with polymer clay within a 24K Gold plated pewter bezel. 

-The listing is for one necklace.
-The bezel is made out of 24K gold plated over pewter and the pendant (including the outer ring) measures around .72" in length.
-Comes on a beautiful chain which you will be able to choose on the window below.
-You may choose the material of the chain on the scroll window below.
-The succulents, although they might appear realistic, are not real plants, they are a hand sculpted version.
-The color of the necklace might be slightly different due to the lighting at the time of taking the picture

Chain Material:
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